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Catering Menu

24 hrs. notice for large orders

Sandwich Tray




     Ham, turkey, or chicken salad (tuna, pimiento, egg salad, and roast beef available on request)


      american, swiss, provolone, pepper jack


      Sheila Partin’s sweet sourdough bread in white, wheat, and cheddar jalapeno flavors

   veggie tray 

     tomatoes, lettuce, & pickle spears with mustard and mayo packets……..….7.99 per person

   boxed lunches—$10.50

Wrap Tray              

An assortment of Southwest, Chipotle Chicken Caesar, Chicken Salad, Ham and Turkey Wraps on 10-inch flour tortilla……...$6.99 per person

Quesadilla Tray

Five Loaves’ famous chicken  or beef quesadillas with  salsa, sour cream & green sauce.

$42.00  Feeds   8-10          $60.00  Feeds 12-14  

 $76.00  Feeds 15-18

Pasta Salads   serves 16.  (4 oz. servings )…$32.00


Southwest….rotini pasta, black beans, corn, pepper jack cheese, fresh pico and avocado       with chipotle ranch the quart…$8.00

   Greek…..rotini pasta, spinach, tomatoes, purple onion, cucumber, green olives, black olives, parmesan and feta cheeses, and craisins with balsamic vinaigrette.

Bacon and Ranch….rotini pasta, bacon, tomatoes, purple onion, black olives and ranch dressing

Green Salads serves 16  (4 oz. servings )...$32.00


   Southwest…..fresh leaf lettuce, black beans, corn, fresh pico, pepper jack cheese, avocado with chipotle ranch dressing.

   Greek…..spinach, fresh leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, purple onion, green and black olives parmesan cheese, feta cheese, craisins, and croutons with balsamic vinaigrette.

Garden…..fresh leaf lettuce, tomatoes, purple onion, cucumber, bell pepper, and carrots with your choice of dressings

Quiche--9" (24 hour notice)…$20.00

alt   alt

   Santa Fe— (spinach, corn, cilantro, tomatoes and poblano peppers, cheddar/jack cheese, and eggs) 

   Veggie—(spinach, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, cheddar/jack cheese, and eggs)

   Dubliner—(sautéed potatoes, grilled onions, bacon, ham, cheddar/jack cheese, and eggs)

 house-made specialties (by the Pound —$12.00 or 1/2 pound—$6.00) 


   Chicken Salad—oven baked and hand chopped chicken breast with walnuts, celery, mayo and special spices

   White Albacore Tuna Salad—with chopped pecans, celery, a hint of minced purple onion, and miracle whip

   Pimiento Cheese—A blend of cheddar and Monterrey jack cheese with pimiento, chopped pecans, a hint of purple onion, and mayo

   Egg Salad—chopped boiled egg, green olives, mustard and mayo

   Black Bean Hummus--Black beans, tahini, garlic, olive oil, sea salt, seasonings

   Parker’s  Potato Salad—$12.00/qt.

   Soups—11.75 qt.

Desserts  (24 hour notice, please)



   Whole Lava Flow Brownie Pie—Serves 12—$15.00

     Chocolate Brownie filling topped with caramelized butter cream frosting and pecans in a flaky pie crust

 Buffalo Chocolate Chip Cookies—$9.00/doz.

     Chocolate chips, coconut, pecans, rice crispies, and oatmeal blended into a homemade cookie dough

bread pudding—9x9 Pan—any flavor—$20.00


   Gallon of Sweet or Unsweet Tea....$6.00

   Bags of crushed ice………………..$3.00

Serving ware

    altStyrofoam cups……………………...$.25

   Plates and cutlery kits……………..$.25